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Product publicity programs for companies seeking exposure for their products in specific regions around the world to replace or support their advertising and marketing programs are available from Venmark International of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Venmark International Product Publicity Programs target specific regions around the world to help clients take full advantage of product publicity to find…

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Create Global Sales Opportunities with Product Publicity

According to the United States House Small Business Committee, International trade is a critical component for the long-term growth and viability of small businesses and the U.S. economy overall. In 2012, total U.S. exports reached $2.2 trillion, which is nearly 14 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product. Those exports helped support nearly 10 million…

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International Marketing and New Business Development

Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE said, “I run an American company. But in order for GE to be successful in the coming years, I’ve gotta sell my products in every corner of the world.” That doesn’t just apply to huge conglomerates, it applies to small, privately held companies too. Small companies are frequently intimidated by…

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