Create Global Sales Opportunities with Product Publicity

Keeping your products in front of the world®

Keeping your products in front of the world®

According to the United States House Small Business Committee, International trade is a critical component for the long-term growth and viability of small businesses and the U.S. economy overall. In 2012, total U.S. exports reached $2.2 trillion, which is nearly 14 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product. Those exports helped support nearly 10 million jobs, including about 4 million small business jobs.

Exporting provides small businesses with the opportunity to reach new markets, increase revenue, and ultimately create needed jobs. Although 95 percent of the business purchasing market exists outside the U.S., many small firms have no clue how to take advantage of the global economy. Venmark International’s Product Publicity Programs allow them to do so by generating digital online content and exposure and well as in-print publicity to meet specific marketing requirements for targeting North America, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle-East, The Pacific Rim, and other regions.

Venmark International Product Publicity Programs let small companies who have never exported, put their toes into the international waters and start small. For veteran exporters, we have well-documented, cost-effective marketing and new business development solutions.

One of our clients sent me the following note. “The publicity we have received in Chile and Argentina has resulted in business we otherwise would not have gotten. We are also receiving website visits from companies there. In fact, we recently received a $35,000.00 order and know that Venmark International is the only source for it.” Today, that client is doing millions of dollars of export sales worldwide and has distributors all over the planet.

Dan Lambert, Marketing Manager for Anomet Products, Inc., a small manufacturer of custom clad composite metal products for aerospace, electronic, instrumentation, and medical device applications expressed it best. He said, “Don’t be afraid to explore new markets or regions. Cost-effective product releases from Venmark International allow you to try new markets or new market segments without breaking the budget.” In other words, create global sales opportunities with product publicity.


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Steve Stroum

Steven M. Stroum, founder and president of Venmark International is a seasoned publicist, marketer, and entrepreneur who has been featured in INC Magazine, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, Industrial Marketing, OMNI Magazine, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, The Middlesex News, San Francisco Chronicle, and other media outlets. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs, addressed many business and civic groups, and been a guest lecturer at Boston College, Babson College, MIT, and his alma mater Northeastern University.

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