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Testimonials from Editors and Web Hosts

Venmark International has a keen understanding of what editors are looking for. Our reputation for providing creative and credible information about our clients’ products and services is impeccable. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what editors say…


“Steve,  thank you for another great [press releases] submission.  Your art department is really incredible… makes it impossible to say no.”
– Travis Hessman, Editor-in-Chief
New Equipment Digest

“Our editors have recently posted a news item you submitted to our website.  We’d appreciate it if you could take a moment to visit the link and make sure everything looks OK.  We’ll be happy to make any changes. Thank you very much for your contribution! Your continued support enables us to bring the most relevant and current information to our readers.”
– Matt Jaster
Gear Technology

“Steve, it’s our pleasure.  We’re happiest to use material when the releases come with large and fresh images!”
– Lisa Eitel
Design World

‘Why, this news seems soooooo familiar. There must be a six-month auto resend program at work. But the truth be said (typed), I may well end up using it again-again anyway because the photo is good, the copy is easy to work with and (oddly enough) I don’t get enough new product entries. You should get more clients in our field!”
– Mark Marselli, Editor
Wire Journal

“I’d rather get more press releases than I can use than miss out. Please keep me in the loop!”
– David Allan, Editor
Nonwovens, RISI, Inc.

“Just had to say, NICE PHOTO for this item — the effort is appreciated! (Planning to run this in our Feb. issue).”
– Bill Roebuck, Editor-in-Chief
Machinery & Equipment MRO

“We were able to give ESCO Tool a listing in the “Products in the News” column in our June issue. Here are a couple of copies of the issue with your listing on page 56.”
– R. Kevin Clark, Editor
APWA Reporter

“I just want to take a minute to thank you for all of the effort you put in to getting your clients’ messages out to Designfax readers. Thank you so much. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!”
– Mike Foley, Editor

“I hope your week is going well! I have used some of your press releases for different companies several times in our “New Products” section of our e-newsletter, and also in a few of our monthly publications. I always love receiving your e-mails because the visuals are always so clear, colorful and eye-catching. Thank you for your interest in our publication, and please keep the releases coming my way!”
– Elizabeth Call, Editor
Material Handling Wholesaler

“Thanks so much for your quick answers. We will be glad to help you spread the word about your products.”
– Cinde W. Ingram, Editor in Chief
Casual Living

“It is quite rare to see tools presented in a very delightful and creative manner.”
– Stuart

“Congratulations on Todol Urehtane Foam Sealant being selected as one of ‘Professional Builder’ and ‘Professional Remodeler’s’ 100 Best New Products! We will also be posting the 100 Best New Products on our Facebook fan pages.”
– Paul Deffenbaugh, Editorial Director- Residential
Reed Construction Media

“Your company does an awesome job. Below is a sample of how we do our New Products in our Materials360 bimonthly newsletter that is sent to 77,000.”
– Mary Kaufold, Advertising Manager
MRS Bulletin

“I was finally able to run EASTPRINT as a 5-Star product. Thanks again for sending in your material. I know that you work very hard to send out all those releases. Only wish I could feature each and every one.”
– Mike Foley, Editor

“It was a great pleasure meeting you at the Assembly show last week in Boston. US Tech recognizes that our readership benefits from Venmark International’s PR for its clients. Per my conversation with you and after an internal meeting with my editorial staff, US Tech would like to support Venmark International’s customers by making a special effort to print their PR. As the publisher of US Tech, I also would like to offer all Venmark International’s clients a cost reduction 40% for placing ads in US Tech.”
– Jacob Fattal, Publisher
U.S. Tech

“Thank you for your contribution to this issue’s editorial! And thank you for all your help gathering materials for the Sphinx Adsorbents’ editorial (pgs. 59-60). Your time and effort helped make this issue a success! Thanks again.”
– Carrie Loudon, Assistant Editor
Tablets & Capsules Magazine

“Thanks, Linda. And let me just tell you that Norcross press releases are among the best-written releases I receive from ANY company out there. ”
– Brian E. Hayes, Managing Editor
Adhesives & Sealants Industry

“I appreciate the format in which Venmark submits news releases to Chemical Equipment Magazine. I’ve been receiving new product information from your agency for over 20 years. The releases are always well written, concise, a good length, and accompanied by excellent photography. I wish everyone submitted their information in the “Venmark” format! I was talking to another editor here at Reed Business Information earlier this week and he, too, agreed you’re one of, if not the best PR firm around these days. Keep up the good work! It’s a pleasure working with you and the material you submit to our magazines.”
– Geoff Bridgman, Editor-in-Chief
Chemical Equipment Magazine

“I’d be happy to run the release. The photo was excellent. I’d like to figure out a way to give it more play than just a regular product release, but can’t promise that. I’ve enjoyed your submissions for years. They’re always the best. It just occured to me that I can run Norcross’s item in my Editor’s Picks page for November. That will give them a larger photo.”
– Geoff Bridgman, Editor-in-Chief
Chemical Equipment Magazine

“In short, when I see the characteristic “editor-friendly” Venmark press release, I know it is worthwhile for me to read it because I know it contains information that I cannot afford to ignore. The now familiar format means I know exactly where to look for the information I need. That makes my life easier.”
– Russell L Kratowicz, P.E., Senior Editor
Plant Services Magazine

“Since I’ve worked both sides of the desk, I have always been impressed with the News I get from “Venmark”. To me it stands out above all the rest as the way I would do it if I were sending the stuff out. So then I went a step further and asked all of our Editors what they think of the material they get from “Venmark”. The answer was absolutely unanimous, “It’s that best stuff we get, consistently!”
– Ronald Hill, Editorial Director
Gordon Publications, Inc.

“It’s rare that I write a letter like this; but, I wanted to tell you what a fine job you do representing your clients’ and their new products. The news releases prepared by Venmark, written in a direct, “no-fluff” manner, printed on their bright yellow paper, and accompanied by an outstanding photograph of the product, ALWAYS catch my attention.”
– D. Keith Patrick, Editor
Industrial Heating Magazine

“Your staff, without exception, produces the best new product releases that we receive. Unlike the hundreds of releases that cross my desk each week, yours are well-written, to-the-point, understandable, and, most important of all, show your clients’ to their best advantage. I hope they realize the positive service you give them.”
– Stanley Parkhill, Editor
Compressed Air Magazine

“Perhaps you can use this situation to make a point to your client regarding what can be done by producing a gorgeous photo of a fundamentally plain product.”
– Merle Snyder, Editor
Plastics Auxiliaries & Machinery

“I regularly receive press releases from Venmark International, and have noticed that the photos supplied with them are colourful and often visually stunning! As Assistant Editor of Medical Device Technology, I am looking to improve our photo library. I was wondering, therefore if you would be interested in submitting a selection of your clients’ artwork to be considered for the purpose of illustrating articles in the magazine. If a photograph is used a credit to the company will be included. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.”
– Carla Vincent, Assistant Editor
Medical Device Technology

“Finally!! I’ve been trying to position this great product since last April. We’ve had good comment — seems like everyone wanted one and could have used it.”
– Glenn Boundy, Jr., Assistant Editor
Southern Boating Magazine

“Your news releases are first class—concise, factual and literate. Your photographer knows his business too. His shots are gorgeous.”
– Rick Darby, Assistant Editor
Aviation Mechanics Bulletin

“I just wanted to say that your shop sends us some of the best-presented industrial product information we see—and we see a lot. Sincere compliments on Venmark’s high-quality work.”
– Paul Lazarus, Editor
Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

“You guys do a good job. Whenever I get a release from you I know that it will have the info I need — something I cannot say about some of your peers.”
– Mark Marselli, Editor
Wire Journal International

“His aim: to help small business survive. Steve Stroum does for his clients what good coaches do for their ballplayers – help them realize their full potential. In business terms, that means helping them realize increased sales.”
– Ken Tokarz, News Business Editor
The Middlesex News

“Wonderful — Thank you for your continued interest!”
– Lisa Arrigo, Editor
Product Design & Development

“Excellent, keep it up! Do you generate case studies of Canadian customers?”
– Mike Edwards, Editor
Design Product News

“Thanks for the well-written pieces and excellent images. We frequently cover your clients.”
– Kimberly Chapple, Editor
Designfax and Medical Equipment Designer Magazine

“As an editor, I want to express my appreciation for the quality and professionalism of the material that you send out. Most editors don’t have time to rewrite bad material. Yours needs virtually nothing more than type specifications. Again, thanks.”
– Harold R. Daniels, Editor
Metal Stamping Magazine

“It is rare that someone goes so completely out of their way to help us shoot a story as you have done. Believe that it is appreciated and I hope to work with you and your organization again someday.”
– Rosemary Freitas, Production Coordinator
WNEV-TV Channel 7

“I would like to take this opportunity to say one thing: Your press releases are the best-written of the hundreds and hundreds that we receive weekly. Continued good luck on your enterprise.”
– Ken Lilienthal, Editor-in-Chief
Industrial Product Bulletin

“It’s nice to know that someone’s thinking of making our editorial balancing act easier. Keep up the good work.”
– Elizabeth G. Berglund, Editor
American Printer

“Good afternoon, I enjoy receiving your press releases, and in particular your release entitled “Electronic truck scale features modular pitless design”. I plan on using it in our publication; the enclosed color photo was the clincher.”
– Jane Plout, Editor
Milk & Liquid Food Transporter

“I have recently read of your client’s activities, which I know will be of great interest to our readers in 128 countries. Published since 1934, Wire Industry is the highest circulation monthly serving the wire, cable, and wire products industries worldwide. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping publicize your company’s activities through the editorial pages.”
– Adam Shulman, Editor
Wire Industry Magazine

“Congratulations! Your release appeared in MetalForming Magazine. Attached is a tear sheet of the item that ran in the current issue. It is important that our readers learn what is going on in the metalforming industry. Metalforming magazine welcomes your releases and any other story ideas. If there is anything else I can do, please call.”
– Marlene O’Brien, Editorial Manager
MetalForming Magazine

“I am pleased to inform you that your company’s product has been selected for an encore presentation in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry’s annual Reader’s Choice feature. The winners of MD&DI’s Reader’s Choice award are the top 20 most-requested products and services that appeared in the magazine during the last year.”
– Steve Baeck, Associate Editor
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry

“I’d also like to mention that your PR is some of the best that comes across this desk. It is concise, well-organized and distinctive.”
– John Van de Water, Editor
Industrial Equipment News

“I would very much like to feature your product in our magazines at it would be of great interest to our readers. Let me know if you want to market your product in the UK, I could probably find a distributor for you.”
– Alan Goodsell, Editor
The Router Magazine

“Congratulations! Your product was featured in Do-It-Yourself Retailing’s New Product Showcase. This means that your new product had the opportunity to be seen by over 66,000 do-it-yourself retailers!”
– Bill Lee, Director of Marketing
Do-It-Yourself Retailing

“You’ve been recognized for the quality of your work. Would you like to come and meet my staff?”
– Drake Lundell, Editor

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