Publicity Is Our Only Business

What really distinguishes Venmark International is that we developed a business model and process that enables us to provide professional product publicity services on a fee-basis per project, rather than an open-ended hourly retainer.  In effect, we manufacture product publicity releases using our proven process.  By operating like a manufacturer, we implement the methods and technologies required for efficiently producing your projects.  And because we produce hundreds of projects per year for our clients, we take advantage of economies of scale that will save you money.  So, like any other manufacturer, we profit from our efficiency, not from charging by the hour.


Our Approach Is Highly Professional

The specific services we provide are detailed for you on a standard form when you choose to hire us. We take responsibility for our work and there isn’t a lot of “going back and forth.”  That wastes money for everyone and we discourage it.  The reason why conventional public relations firms work that way is because they charge by the hour.  Their objective is to keep projects “open” so that they take more time and can bill you more.  We believe this approach is wasteful.  Our objective is optimum efficiency.  We approach our work like a brain surgeon.  You hire us and we’ll do it right!


We Are Very Easy To Work With

Working on a project basis makes it easy for you to hire us.  You can get high-level professional product publicity and marketing assistance for an extremely reasonable fee.  And we don’t have to “sell” you projects because we have a very large client base and a steady flow of projects resulting from over 35 years of producing excellent results.  Our goal is to use free publicity as a way to help you achieve your marketing goals. Yes, the publicity is free.  We get paid for our ability to get you the publicity.  And the results we produce will keep you coming back.


Our Goal Is To Get You The Best Marketing ROI

Venmark International’s objective is to help you get the best return on your marketing investment by using the well-documented advantages of publicity to achieve your marketing objectives. We have numerous clients who have been hiring us repeatedly since 1977 and every one of them started with one project.  The longest journeys begin with one step.  For a prompt quotation visit


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Steve Stroum

Steve Stroum

Steven M. Stroum, founder and president of Venmark International is a seasoned product publicist, marketer, entrepreneur, and innovator who has been featured in articles that have appeared in INC Magazine, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Industrial Marketing, OMNI Magazine, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Middlesex News, and San Francisco Chronicle. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs, addressed many Rotary Clubs and other business and civic groups, and been guest lecturer at Boston College, Babson College, MIT, and his alma mater Northeastern University.

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