Photo by Venmark InternationalA new video that shows how easy, safe, and effective the WickGun™ hand-held desoldering braid dispenser is for printed circuit board repair and related work has been introduced by Xuron Corp. of Saco, ME.

The Xuron® WickGun™ Desoldering Braid Dispenser Video demonstrates in only 34 seconds how this handy tool lets users dispense, position, and cut-off braid completely using one hand while freeing their other to hold the soldering iron. Eliminating finger burns, this tool is up to five times faster than most methods and can reduce waste by 50%, claims the firm.

Illustrating how the tool has a thumbwheel for advancing and retracting the braid and a trigger for cutting it, the Xuron® WickGun™ Desoldering Braid Dispenser Video shows how easy it is to feed the braid and cut it off once saturated. The tool uses compact easy to install cassettes, preloaded with 15 ft. each of copper braid in four sizes from 0.035” to 0110”W.

The Xuron® WickGun™ Desoldering Braid Dispenser Video can be viewed at .

For more information contact:

Xuron Corporation
Abby Robey, Marketing
62 Industrial Park Rd.
Saco, ME 04072-1840
(207) 283-1401 FAX (207) 283-0594

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