Steven M. Stroum, the president of Venmark International and former small business advisor to the Governor of Massachusetts and member of the Norbert Weiner Forum at Tufts University to study the impact of technology on society is thrilled to announce the release of his book “Success and Self-Discovery.” It is an inspirational business memoir with insightful tips and personal development advice that will help any entrepreneur.

Stroum describes his journey from a blue-collar neighborhood in a Boston suburb to the U.S. Air force, Northeastern University, San Francisco, and back home where he started his business and a lifetime of self-discovery and client service. This book is a must-read for anyone who was belittled by their parents or other authority figures and labeled in a way that created low expectations for them and even lower self-esteem, both of which have kept them from realizing their full potential.

Readers will be captivated by how Stroum’s meteoric early success resulted in depression rather than elation and how he overcame many intertwined emotional and business obstacles in order to lead a more fulfilled and profitable life. The book includes invaluable how-to sales, marketing, business, and personal advice.

Stroum is a great storyteller and his memoir is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, passion, and resilience. In business since 1976 and serving several clients for over 46 years, Stroum knows a thing or two about consistency and providing a worthwhile business service. He hopes his book will inspire readers to enter the arena and become entrepreneurs. But most importantly, he wants to help them avoid some of the pitfalls and painful mistakes that he’s experienced throughout his own entrepreneurial journey.

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