Photo by Venmark InternationalA new series of protective sapphire windows for 1 micron optics that offer superior durability to zinc-sulfide and fused silica lenses is being introduced by Laser Research Optics of Providence, Rhode Island.

Laser Research Fiber Laser Sapphire Windows feature Moh 9 hardness, which
is second only to diamond, making them more durable and scratch-resistant than zinc-sulfide and fused silica windows. A longer lasting replacement for debris shields and reducing the number of lens changes, these sapphire windows are capable of withstanding steel splatter, flash, and debris.

Available in 1” to 2” sizes, Laser Research Fiber Laser Sapphire Windows
have a 10-5 scratch-dig finish, 1/4 wave flatness, A/R coatings on both sides, and provide > 99.5% transmission @ 1.07 microns, with > 90% @ 650-670 nm. Fused silica UV grade windows coated on one or two sides are also offered.

Laser Research Fiber Laser Sapphire Windows are priced according to size
and quantity. Introductory price quotations are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Laser Research Optics
A Division of Meller Optics, Inc.
Scott Rouillard, Sales Mgr.
120 Corliss St.
Providence, RI 02904
(888) 239-5545 FAX (401) 331-4004

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