Electroformed Parts When Precision Features Are Critical

Venmark InternationalKeeping your products in front of the WorldCustom electroformed parts for ultra-precise applications requiring micron-size openings with up to one million burr-free holes per square inch are available from VECO USA, Inc. of Burlington, Massachusetts.

Veco Electroformed Parts are precision fabricated from nickel or nickel alloys in part sizes from 0.01” to 50”, thicknesses from 20 microns and feature sharp edge definition with no burrs or distortion. They are available with virtually any hole pattern, shape, and design including complex shapes from 3 microns with tolerances to ±0.5 micron.

Providing full manufacturing repeatability, Veco Electroformed Parts are well suited for applications requiring parts with greater precision than those fabricated by EDM, photo-etching, or micro-stamping. Typical parts produced by electroforming include nebulizers, micro-screens, jetting nozzles, sieves, pump components, and dosing instruments.

Veco Electroformed Parts are priced according to configuration and quantity. Price quotations and samples are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Charlie Vlachos, Marketing
15 “A” St., Unit 2
Burlington, MA 01803-3404
(781) 425-6050 FAX (781) 425-6054

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