Custom fabricated cable harnesses for chain cable carriers that incorporate a wide range of connectors to match OEM application requirements and are supplied fully assembled and tested as a single SKU are being introduced by Aved Electronics, Inc. of No. Billerica, Massachusetts.

Aved Gantry Cable Harnesses are custom built to OEM customer requirements for use in chain cable carriers and can include bus, data, fiber optic, and power cables fully connectorized and 100% electrically and mechanically tested. Designed to ensure self-alignment of cables, these harnesses save installation time during final assembly and are supplied as a single SKU.

Fabricated using automated wire processing equipment to apply interconnects as small as 1 mm, modular plugs, and other connector types, Aved Gantry Cable Harnesses can meet UL/CSA, and medical and military specifications. Services can include wire and component selection and sourcing, documenta-tion review and development, prototyping, and inventory management.

Aved Gantry Cable Harnesses are priced according to customer requirements. Aved is ISO 9001, ITAR Registered, and Veteran Owned.

For more information contact:

Aved Electronics, Inc.
Ralph L. Santosuosso, Technical Marketing
95 Billerica Avenue
North Billerica, MA 01862
(800) 441-2833 FAX (978) 528-5299

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