Leverage Your Trade Show Investment

A client was returning from a trade show and while on the airplane, opened his briefcase and read some of the show product reviews in his leading trade media when he noticed the product news release we prepared for him. It had premium placement and jumped right off the page! He said it made him feel great knowing that his message from the show was being reinforced in the media. He knows the importance of integrated marketing.

Recently, I received an email from another client with a similar message. She wrote, “The photos are too good not to use for so many marketing purposes. As you know, we’ve used them to make posters for trade shows and we use them on our website, blog, Facebook, etc.” She also believes the consistency of her marketing message is important.

As product publicists, we create photographs that tell a story. That is what good product publicity does; it conveys a visual message consistent with a written message and stimulates the interest of editors so they will choose to publish the product news. Three basic elements are required for good product publicity: concept, copy, and photography. Most importantly, they all need to relate fully to each other.

Since our objective is to provide the best marketing return-on-investment for our clients, we encourage them to use our great images for their website, collateral materials, trade show booths, and client emails. That’s smart, integrated marketing and also very cost-effective.

Trade shows are an excellent way to market your products and services, support distribution channels, and meet new potential customers. Product news releases let you leverage your trade show investment by getting widespread exposure in highly credible media outlets and when you leverage your trade show investment and integrate your marketing message you get the added benefits of repetition including brand reinforcement and more website traffic.


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Steve Stroum

Steve Stroum

Steven M. Stroum, founder and president of Venmark International is a seasoned publicist, marketer, and entrepreneur who has been featured in INC Magazine, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, Industrial Marketing, OMNI Magazine, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, The Middlesex News, San Francisco Chronicle, and other media outlets. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs, addressed many business and civic groups, and been a guest lecturer at Boston College, Babson College, MIT, and his alma mater Northeastern University.

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