Product Publicity Creation & Distribution

We interpret your marketing objectives and creatively use publicity to help you achieve them through our North American and International publicity programs.  Our partners and relationships with media outlets produce superior results.  All work is performed on a project basis, even though our client relationships have lasted decades.

  • Proven client-centered, results-driven process.  Operating like a manufacturer, we work on a project basis rather than by the hour or retainer. We are highly efficient. Because of our business model, our incentive is to produce maximum results with every project and all publicity orders include a complete list of services and their exact cost.
  • Venmark International understands B2B marketing. Most of our clients own and manage small manufacturing or distribution companies and their time is valuable, like yours. We understand their priorities and they appreciate our process and the fact that we focus on what is most important to them: Getting the best “marketing return-on-investment.”
  • Venmark International is very easy to work with. Although we take a thorough look at your publicity opportunities, all our services are provided on a project basis.  That makes it easy to evaluate us and there is no risk because our work is guaranteed in writing. We invite you to contact us for a pleasant, no-obligation conversation to learn more about our work and see whether you might like our help.