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12/17/2015 | “Building keywords into our press releases has had a huge impact. We now show up on page one of Google for all of our major keywords.”

09/01/2015 | “Well done.  Those are impressive sites to pick up the story.”

07/09/2015 | “We definitely get inquiries and web traffic from the countries where the publicity is published.”

03/23/2015 | “Venmark’s work has produced the best results of any marketing we have ever done.”

01/06/2015 | “The photos are too good not to use for so many marketing purposes.  As you know, we’ve used them for trade shows and we use them on our website, blog, Facebook, etc.”

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ESCO Tool Featured on Front Cover in Brazil

There are two good reasons why ESCO’s pipe beveling machine is on the front cover of “Corte & Conformacao de metals” in Brazil.  It is a great product and they outsource to Venmark for our expertise at presenting products to media outlets.  Since 1977, they have hired us consistently to publicize their products around the world.  Click on the link below to see examples of  the exceptional product publicity they’ve received.

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