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01/19/2015 | “For the product video, I would just say one word. AWESOME!!!  And I mean it.”

01/06/2015 | “The photos are too good not to use for so many marketing purposes.  As you know, we’ve used them for trade shows and we use them on our website, blog, Facebook, etc.”

10/08/2014 | “Don’t you love it! Nothing like seeing one of our products in the field.”

06/24/2014 | “Wow, that’s impressive! Esco has four product releases featured on one page in Fabricating & Metalworking, a very important publication and website for us.”

02/26/2014 | “The press release featuring sapphire windows has generated significant new business.”

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Stafford Manufacturing Selected #3 in the World

The “World Industrial Reporter” which reports on the latest trends in global markets, logistics, trade shows, and supplier sourcing has posted results for the Top 10 Industrial Products of 2014 as viewed by their readers in order of popularity.   The third pick for products reviewed over the entire year was the Staff-Lok Hinged Shaft Collar, designed and manufactured by Stafford in the U.S.A.  We’re proud to have prepared the product news release that contributed to this high-quality product publicity!

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World Inustrial Reporter