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04/17/2014 | “Hi Steven, Great job, thank you for all your help.

02/26/2014 | “The press release featuring sapphire windows for protecting sensors in aircraft has generated significant new business.  Thanks”

02/19/2014 | “The product video you produced for the Wickgun was very professional. It was easy to view, included all the appropriate keywords and made all the sales points we wanted to make in just 34 seconds!”

12/10/2013 | “Steve, the last news release we did about laser hole drilling has created a large increase in call volume.”

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Alvin Products Featured #2 in Top 10 Most Requested Products for 2013

The product publicity Venmark created for “Rubber In A Can” was the second most requested product by readers of “Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN)” in 2013. PTEN is a tool and equipment magazine and website for automotive repair technicians, shop owners, repair shop managers, mechanics, shop foreman and estimators. It has a circulation of approximately 105,000. Alvin Products received well over 100 press clips, click on this link for more examples.
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In marketing today, “Search” gets a lot of attention.  And it should.  However, there is a huge implicit assumption which is:  your prospective customer knows what they need and then search for it.   … [Read More...]