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03/23/2015 | “Venmark’s work has produced the best results of any marketing we have ever done.”

01/19/2015 | “For the product video, I would just say one word. AWESOME!!!  And I mean it.”

01/06/2015 | “The photos are too good not to use for so many marketing purposes.  As you know, we’ve used them for trade shows and we use them on our website, blog, Facebook, etc.”

10/08/2014 | “Don’t you love it! Nothing like seeing one of our products in the field.”

06/24/2014 | “Wow, that’s impressive! Esco has four product releases featured on one page in Fabricating & Metalworking, a very important publication and website for us.”

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ESCO Tool Product Publicity is a Cut Above the Competition

This top of the page news in the print and online editions of “Fabricating & Metalworking” for ESCO Tool illustrates the Venmark Advantage. We know the secrets to getting high-quality publicity and all our work is a cut above the competition… Click the link below and see more examples. There are about 20,000 actual publicity clips we’ve created.  Also, click the “testimonials” tab on the bottom of any page and see what editors have said about our work.

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