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Trump: Dumb as a Stump or Sly as a Fox?

In the 1960 election, John F. Kennedy capitalized on the new media of the day to capture the presidency and sustain his popularity. He recognized the power of television and the importance of winning the debate visually as well as substantively. That was accomplished by his dark blue suit, makeup, and lighting. It was an…

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Product News Produces Maximum Marketing Leverage

If you’re in the market for a new car, “Motor Trend Car of the Year” carries a lot of weight. The influence of editorial is universal and applies equally for those of us involved with industry and technology. “The Research & Development Top 100” awards and similar editorial  “product reviews” have a great deal of…

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The Forgotten Role of Product Publicity

There is so much emphasis today on digital marketing and communicating directly with your prospective customers that it is easy to overlook a major role that product publicity plays in the media. That is, for content creation, data gathering and dictating the future editorial focus of a media outlet. I remember the day, early in 1977,…

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