Photo by Venmark InternationalA new high power, solid-state Marx modulator that achieves fast risetimes and flattop control not available with hard switch or transformer-coupled topologies has been delivered to Yale University’s beam physics laboratory by Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) of Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.

The DTI Short Pulse Marx Modulator features a modular and scalable design that achieves high efficiency in the 100 kV to 500 kV range, for currents up to 250 A, pulse lengths of 0.2 to 5.0 µs, and risetimes < 300 ns. Utilizing solid-state switches instead of traditional spark gaps or SCRs, this short pulse modulator charges an array of capacitors in parallel at low-voltage and then discharges them in series to provide high-voltage output.

Featuring identical flat pack modules with integral electrical connections and bus work, the DTI Short Pulse Marx Modulator can incorporate multiple modules to achieve a wide range of voltages. This short pulse, high-voltage design will be extended for the next generation of planned accelerators, with potential for the transition to industrial and medical accelerators.

The DTI Short Pulse Marx Modulator’s flat pack design reduces fabrication and assembly costs. A 500 kV version is priced at (US) $1M.

For more information contact:

Diversified Technologies, Inc.
Michael A. Kempkes, VP of Marketing
35 Wiggins Ave.
Bedford, MA 01730-2345 USA
(781) 275-9444 x211 FAX (781) 275-6081

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