Photo by Venmark InternationalA new series of counting scales that are dedicated to parts counting and packaging applications and meet or exceed NIST Class III accuracy require-ments is being introduced by Alliance Scale, Inc. of Canton, Massachusetts.

The Alliance/Ohaus® Ranger® Count 3000 Series counting scale offers precise 1:1.5 million internal counting resolution, one second stabilization, and a 30 item library data storage function.  Featuring three backlit LCD displays to highlight count, weight, and piece weight, this dedicated parts counting and packaging scale has eight function keys, including sample and tare keys, and a full numeric keypad to simplify setup and operation.

Providing a low Average Piece Weight (APW) alert and automatic APW recalc-ulation as the overall weight increases, the Alliance/Ohaus® Ranger® Count 3000 Series counting scale can store 12-digit part numbers, APWs or counts with fast retrieval of frequently used data.  Available with 3 to 60 lbs. capacities and a standard RS232 port, options include a second RS232 port, Ethernet, USB port, printer, and second platform for two-scale counting.

The Alliance/Ohaus® Ranger® Count 3000 Series counting scale is priced from $590.00 (list)., depending upon capacity.

For more information contact:

Alliance Scale, Inc.
Raymond A. Secour, Jr., Marketing
1020 Turnpike St. / P.O. Box 509
Canton, MA02021-0509
(800) 343-6802  FAX (781) 828-9510

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